Guidelines for Presentations

Guidelines for Speakers

  1. Each speaker has 20 minutes for his or her presentation, followed by a 5 minute discussion by the assigned discussant and a general discussion of an additional 5 Minutes.
  2. Please be in your respective session room at least five minutes before your respective session.
  3. Please, bring your presentation on a USB flashdrive and approach one of the student assistants in your respective session room during a coffee or lunch break prior to your presentation.

Guidelines for Discussants

  1. Discussants are asked to prepare a couple of questions and remarks about the presentation.
  2. Discussants may, but don’t have to, prepare own slides, if considered helpful. Should you decide to prepare a presentation, please bring it on a USB flashdrive. 
  3. We would also like to ask the discussants to be in the respective session rooms at least five minutes before the respective sessions.

Guidelines for Session Chairs

  1. Open the session by shortly introducing the speakers and session topic
  2. Time management and timely closure of the session.
  3. Moderate the general discussions.

Guidelines for Poster Presentations

  1. The poster should have a maximum size of a standard A0 upright, i.e. a maximum height of 118,9 cm and a maximum width of 84,1 cm. The transport of the poster to and from the conference is your responsibility.
  2. You can either bring the poster to the conference (and leave it at the reception desk upon arrival) or you may send us the poster by regular mail in advance (so that it arrives at least a week before the start of the conference - please contact us for further details).
  3. After the conference, you can either collect your poster immediately or arrange with us that your poster will be mailed back to you. Any leftover posters will be disposed of.